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Garcinia Cambogia, the Slimming Plant

What is Garcinia ?

Garcinia Cambogia is an oriental plant used to lose weight but it also has other benefits . It grows spontaneously in south east Asia, Cambodia and the Philippines. His fruits has a pulp similar to that of citrus fruits, for which it has always been used to prepare detox juices.

Its peel contains vitamins, flavonoids, polysaccharides and hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

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Garcinia Benefits:

-HCA is very rare in nature and if taken is able to help dissolve fats from the body, it’s a valid remedy for the treatment of hyperlipidemia and obesity because it is able to block the action of an enzyme that transforms sugars into fats by inhibiting the formation of cholesterol and triglycerides.
To obtain higher concentrations, the rind is first dried and then pulverized.

  • It also seems that HCA increases the release of serotonin and therefore promotes satiety
  • Due to its positive action on the liver, Garcinia also has laxative properties.
  • it’s very rich in vitamin C, calcium and potassium and antioxidant;
  • Garcinia can be combined with other herbs or plants such as Green Coffee or Curcumin to enhance the fat burning effect.
  • It showed no adverse effects even taking it in high doses.

How to use garcinia?

It can be taken both in case of obesity or in a controlled diet regime but it can also be used periodically to maintain a healthy weight.

In case of pregnancy, as with all herbal supplements, it should be avoided.

People taking medications for diabetes or hypertension should consult with their doctor before.

Bottom Line

Like all supplements, to work it is necessary to associate it with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, do not trust those who promise miracles only with supplements.

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